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High Performance Helicopters was incorporated in 2005 and is now a leading medium Air Crane Helicopter company offering all kinds of services ranging from precision heavy lift helicopter crane service to disaster relief assistance and air support. Our team is passionate about accomplishing all missions efficiently and safely while working with the finest aircraft and equipment. The company is fond of the Bell medium line of utility aircraft. We start with a regular medium helicopter and then add all the available high performance upgrades like a powerful 1800 horsepower engine and composite technology blades, which significantly improves lift performance. These helicopters are stable, powerful, predictable and safe, which is the perfect combination needed to conduct precision helicopter lift services in all environments. High Performance Helicopters works with a variety of clients ranging from individuals and small contractors to federal and state governments that are spread all over the western united states.

Regardless of your geographic area our utility helicopter service has a creative and competitive cost structure to support your needs. Flexible helicopter service is our standard, whether you need a helicopter for a one day project such as a “one time” asset recovery helicopter service or you need a helicopter for a long term project such as aerial support and precision helicopter long line service for building repeater towers, power lines, construction or seismic projects HP Helicopters will be a reliable option.

Why Are We The Best?

What sets us apart from the competition is that we operate the best and most capable high altitude BELL mediums available. As you approach 5000 foot density altitude all similar aircrafts performance start to deteriorate, including the Sikorski S58, BELL 212, BELL 412, BELL 205 and even the New Eagle Single engine 212 cant keep up. Go to the FLEET page and check out our BELL 205+++ specifications to see why…

Our medium Air-Cranes, Heli-Tankers and flight crew thrive in high altitude utility support operations. Hot temperatures, steep mountains and high altitudes typically equal high winds which in many cases are used to our advantage. Our helicopters can typically maintain gross weight performance up to 11,500 feet pressure altitude. As with all aircraft, increases in temperature negatively effect aircraft performance but with our light weight airframe, 1800 horsepower turbine engine and composite rotor blades, the effects of higher temperatures are reduced allowing us to maintain high performance in extreme environments.

The success of HP Helicopters is a result of our experience. Our fleet has successfully transported over 65 million pounds of external cargo while maintaining a clean history with no contract defaults, lawsuits, accidents, aircraft/equipment damage or work force injuries.

HP Helicopters has a long history of supporting off road motorsports. We have extensive Baja experience and have chased for many teams and top drivers in the sport. Our medium helicopters are the perfect platform to provide air support for all races including the Mint 400, Parker 425, Baja 500 and the Baja 1000. Our large 14 passenger helicopter is equipped with aux fuel tanks for 4+ hours of continuous flight time and all the interior space for fire suppression and driver extraction equipment in the event of a crash. One of the main purposes of the helicopter is to provide the driver with advanced notice of any imminent dangers associated with oncoming traffic, spectators, motorcycles, wrecks and livestock. With just a little advanced notice from the helicopter flight crew the driver can greatly reduce the risks associated with off road racing for himself and others. As race cars drive 130+ mph through the desert, things happen fast and when things go wrong it is invaluable to have a emergency response team overhead ready to help.

If there is an incident with the race car the helicopter is already there and loaded with fire extinguishers, driver extraction tools and a on board medic. Our number one priority is to safely remove the driver and navigator from the wreckage (unless injuries prohibit this), suppress fire and coordinate the appropriate emergency response tactics. Every situation is different but common communication and coordination tactics include the following objectives:

1- Ensure approaching race traffic has adequate warning if the wreckage is close to the race course

2- Radio relay the incident specifics to the proper event race radio frequency

3- Coordinate with the life flight helicopter or ground ambulances as needed via VHF and UHF radios to expedite professional medical aid.

4- Inform and update the race cars support team on the driver/navigators initial health condition and current medical treatment strategy.

If there are no apparent dangers to report, the flight crews don’t talk to the race cars during a race. It is intended that helicopter air support is only utilized for photography, incident avoidance and emergency response. Race promoters such as B.I.T.D and S.C.O.R.E are very adamant about helicopters not being used to create a competitive advantage over the smaller race teams that can not afford the air support. Our helicopters are based in the center of off road racing and are only 30 minutes flight time from the Barstow testing grounds. Whether your testing or racing, HP Helicopters can add a significant level of safety to your race program and help insure that both drivers and navigators return safely.

Precision construction services are one of HP Helicopters strong points. From building repeater towers to power lines to mountain top water tanks our construction helicopter crane service has the capabilities needed to safely and productively build or repair infrastructure in the toughest places.

For years we have had a 100% customer satisfaction rate in regards to skill and cost, we look forward to adding you to our satisfied customer list.

HP Helicopters is centrally located between the San Jacinto and Imperial valley’s, our Bell medium helicopter is equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks that keep the aircraft airborn for over 4 hours. Unlike small frost control helicopters our bell medium weighs over 8000lbs when loaded full of fuel. The 1800 horsepower engine and 52 foot rotor diameter move massive amounts of air for effective frost control. For comparison small frost control helicopters weigh 3000lbs and have 400 horsepower engines which can make it tough to move enough air on large farms and when time is of the essence, bigger is better. Our mobile heli bases are completely self sufficient to keep the crew onsite for the entire patrol contract without the need for off site lodging.

Delivering construction crews to remote construction sites is an important factor for safely and efficiently getting helicopter projects completed. Our restricted category aircraft’s are insured to haul up to 6 essential crewman and our special airworthiness operating limitations allow us to transport your construction crews to and from the project area providing the crews are an essential part of an external load operation. Rest assured that our operating environment demands that we maintain our aircraft above and beyond the typical charter aircraft maintenance standards and the Bell medium series helicopters are one of the most capable and proven air frames in history.

Our flight crews will work hard to get your construction crews as close as possible to the work site without compromising safety.

Helicopter Aerial Seeding for post fire treatments, mine reclamation and habitat support is a fast and cost effective method to treat large areas and “kick start” the re growth process. Our crews have seeded thousands of acres utilizing our large Isolair broadcaster. We are able to load up to 3,400lbs of seed into our oversized high output material broadcaster in less than two minutes which allows for fast turn times and efficient operations.

We have a proven track record for accurately and consistently applying the proper pounds of PLS seed per treatment acre in many different regions of the western United States.

High Performance Helicopters specializes in the application of Wood Shred and Agricultural Straw for all types of erosion control projects. Our company has been instrumental in many Burned Area Emergency Response “BAER” post fire stabilization projects that range from 50 to 10,000+ acres in size.

We can procure or manufacture erosion control products onsite for all types of applications.

HP Helicopters is very proficient with high production helicopter logging and hazardous fuel reduction operations. Our aircraft have unique altitude capabilitiesthat help keep our average turn weights up even in thehottest and highest environments. We utilize a high production 4 slot nubbins hook system and have hundreds of chokers that are designed for all types of wood extraction. We utilize short 20ft chokers for large wood and long 40 ft double bell chokers that allow us to daisy chain multiple loads together and choke large brush piles for extraction.
HP Helicopters can provide all PPE, two way radios and onsite training to allow for your crews to conduct all the ground and hooking operations to save you money.

Our mobile Helibases are fully self sufficient with Sat TV, Internet and communications that keep our team connected in remote locations. Our bases can sustain the crew for weeks without the need for hotels, grocery stores or restaurants. The support rigs carry all critical helicopter spares such as gearboxs and servos along with all other items required to keep our aircraft online all the time.

We thrive off of all the different types of calls and requests for special helicopter services. Pictured above is fabricated $250,000 UFO that we flew adjacent to an art show that took place in the mountains at night. This UFO is covered in thousands of small lights and looks amazingly
realistic when hanging 150 feet under a helicopter at night. We dimmed the aircraft navigation lights and flew the UFO low level through the canyons while the very surprised crowd was trying to figure out what they were seeing and if it was real. Vertical reference long line operations can be very difficult at night when the sky is dark and you are in the mountains but its these types of challenges that keep our team motivated and driven to succeed.

Call us for all for your special requests and we will try everything possible to make it work.

Aircraft support rigs are absolutely critical to running a successful operation. Many times the importance of support equipment is over looked and many operators expect to work out of sub par trucks and trailers. At HP Helicopters our support trailers were ordered new and were specifically configured to perfectly support which ever operation they are assigned. Crew comfort is paramount when the team is expected to work long days away from home. High moral is a critical element to high production along with the proper tools and parts inventory. The crew can typically save a few hours per day of traveling to and from the work site by staying in our remote helibase set ups. The hours saved translate to additional hours of rest and additional hours of production.

We can help you in any project