About Us

High Performance Helicopters Corp was incorporated in 2005 and currently operates out of a multiple locations spread across the Western United States, our main location is at the Redlands Airport in Southern California. Our clients range from small contractors to the Federal government with work areas all over the western United States. Since our inception we have owned and/or operated a BELL 206, Eurocopter EC120, BELL 222, Agusta 109 Grand, BELL 204/UH1B, BELL 205/UH1H and Sikorsky Blackhawks. After thousands of hours operating different aircraft we prefer and have settled into the BELL 204/205 series medium helicopters and the large Sikorsky UH60 Blackhawk. From the very high tech and complex 109 Grand to the simplest BELL 204 we have learned that keeping it simple with proven equipment is the best way to achieve high utilization of aircraft in harsh and remote environments.

Our passion has always been turbine helicopters, it started out personally with a Rotorway 162F homebuilt helicopter and then moved through the models doing a variety of work to support our aviation habit and we work hard to constantly improve our skill set and add operating certificates to our company. We love what we do, take it very seriously and are proud of our equipment and performance. We are a responsible, competent and creditworthy entity that truly enjoys doing business with people that have equal values.

Thank you for checking us out and if you need anything please feel free to contact me personally.

Brad Bauder
President/Chief Pilot
HP Helicopters.
1-888-4-HP-HELI ext 4

Why Us?

What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to safety and customer service. HP Helicopters core values are based around our customers and team members.  Flexibility, adaptability and communication are important strengths that allow us to maintain a positive and safe work environment that always result in consistent repeat business.

Our medium Air-Cranes, Heli-Tankers and flight crew thrive in high altitude utility support operations. Hot temperatures, steep mountains and high altitudes typically equal high winds which in many cases are used to our advantage. Our helicopters can typically maintain gross weight performance up to 11,500 feet pressure altitude. As with all aircraft, increases in temperature negatively effect aircraft performance but with our light weight airframe, 1800 horsepower turbine engine and composite rotor blades, the effects of higher temperatures are reduced allowing us to maintain high performance in extreme environments.
The success of HP Helicopters is a result of our experience. Our fleet has successfully transported over 65 million pounds of external cargo while maintaining a clean history with no contract defaults, lawsuits, accidents, aircraft/equipment damage or work force injuries.
At HP Helicopters we don’t claim to be the largest company but we strive every day to be the best, our goal is to tailor our operation to exceed our individual customer’s expectations. In most cases you will deal direct with the pilot that will be flying your mission during every step of the planning and execution process. We can also ensure that you will get the same flight crew assigned to you for future missions. Our ground crews are absolute professionals, always equipped with company uniforms, PPE, two way radios and the equipment to get the job done right the first time. We will do everything in our power to accomplish your mission on time without compromising safety or exceeding aircraft limitations.
The first step of safety starts in the hangar with aircraft maintenance, our 15,000 square foot facility has everything needed including overqualified maintenance personnel to keep our Medium Air-Cranes and Heli-Tankers in perfect condition. Working in extreme environments requires aircraft to perform flawlessly and flight crews to operate safely at the edge of the environment and aircraft limitations. We pride ourselves on getting the job done, but will never compromise the safety of people on the ground or in the helicopter. Flight crews attend regular flight training sessions to stay current and practice hands on emergency procedures in the actual Medium Air-Cranes that we fly every day. Since our beginning in 2005 we are proud to report that our safety programs are successful and our operations have resulted in zero safety related aircraft incidents or lost time work injuries.