Construction Helicopters

Helicopters that are used to lift heavy loads are called aerial cranes. These Construction Helicopters can carry heavy loads that are connected to long cables to help place them or move them when other methods are not available. Construction Helicopters are also used in remote or inaccessible areas such as on top of tall buildings or in the mountains far from roads. Helicopters were first used as aerial cranes in the 1950s, but they quickly gained popularity as Construction Helicopters in the 1960s. Bell 47 helicopters were the first, lightweight aerial cranes to be used in the early 1950s. Unfortunately, due to the limited power, this helicopter was never able to carry anything that weighed more than a few hundred pounds. Various others helicopters have been used to carry and transport external loads including S-58s, the Bell 212 and the Bell 206. High Performance Helicopters prides itself on providing the finest Heavy Lift Helicopter fleet to customers. The company is extremely fond of the BELL 205 helicopter, which underwent a complete remodel in 2010. All unnecessary equipment was removed from the helicopter or it was completely upgraded and rebuilt. This upgrade makes the BELL 205 helicopter one of the best aircrafts on the market. The helicopter boasts an 1800 horsepower engine and composite technology blades that increase lift performance. This powerful combination makes for stable, powerful and predictable utility helicopters that will effortlessly and efficiently get the job done.