Helicopter Transport Service Company

High Performance Helicopters is your go-to Helicopter Transport Service Company. When a heavy load needs lifting and the terrain is challenging or in a remote location, High Performance Helicopters gets the job done. Their fleet of helicopters offers all the power you need, when you need it and where you need it. From the very high tech and complex 109 Grand to the simplest BELL 204, the company has learned that simplicity and efficiency with proven equipment win over complex computer systems in harsh and remote environments. This is why High Performance Helicopters works with the best aircraft on the market, the BELL 205. This helicopter recently underwent major upgrades and is the finest heavy lift helicopter around. With an improved engine and blades, it can lift heavier and higher and allows for flight crews to successfully and safely complete their missions. The team at High Performance Helicopters loves what they do and they take their work very seriously. The company and the team are constantly improving their skills and gaining operating certificates. They are not the largest company in the business, but they strive to be the best by meeting and exceeding all customer needs and expectations. In most cases, clients directly work with the pilot in charge of their mission and they will continually work with the same flight crew for all future missions. If you are looking for a Helicopter Transport Service Company, then consider the team at High Performance Helicopters. With a proven track record, a clean history and the finest heavy lift helicopters in the business they will do everything in their power to accomplish your mission safely and efficiently. Contact High Performance Helicopters today for more information about their helicopters and services.