Helicopter Transport Services

High Performance Helicopters prides itself on offering top-notch Helicopter Transport Services with a clean history and an expert team for all their clients. Aerial lift and aerial firefighting missions can be dangerous and high-stress situations. In this case it is extremely important to not only work with an experienced crew, but to also work with the finest aircraft for the job. High Performance Helicopters has experience with a variety of helicopters, but after years of trying out different models they happily settled with the BELL 205 medium helicopter. The BELL 205 helicopter was completely remodeled, rebuilt and upgraded in 2010 with an 1800 horsepower engine and composite technology blades that allow for increased lift performance. Working in extreme environments requires the aircraft to perform flawlessly and the flight crews to operate safely. The maintenance team and flight crew at High Performance Helicopters is the best around with years of experience and top safety training. Flight crews attend regular flight training sessions to stay current and practice hands on emergency procedures. The company prides itself on getting the job done and boasts a clean history with no accidents, lawsuits, injuries or equipment damage. Whether your business is construction, communication, private tourism, disaster relief or other missions that require Helicopter Transport Services, High Performance Helicopters will meet and exceed your needs and expectations.