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High Performance specializes in working with private and government agencies in an aerospace research and development capacity to support test programs that are typically shielded with non-disclosure agreements.  We perform aerospace research and development testing via helicopter in support of programs aimed at delivering equipment and materials autonomously.  HP’s aerospace R&D areas of expertise include:


  • Spacecraft Retrieval

  • Research & Development

  • Transport Parachute Deployment

  • Lost Aircraft/Vehicle Asset Recovery

  • Offshore Vessel Re-Supply Operations

  • Simulated activity using helicopters

  • Releasing assets/equipment via helicopter for testing purposes


Some helicopter lift services include hovering payloads to 15,000+ feet.  HP Helicopter’s crew trains, briefs, and straps up with oxygen, and takes testing equipment and hovers above 15,000 feet to gather data for aerospace research and development purposes.


To ensure safety for all involved, HP Helicopters often uses a patrol aircraft to circle and patrol the area to ensure safety from general aviation aircraft, along with providing ground security below the aircraft to ensure no public is endangered. 

Aerospace Research & Development
Aerospace Research Helicopter Services
Aerospace Helicopter Services
Research Helicopter Services

Aerospace Research & Development

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