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Huey Plus

This aircraft was completely stripped, rebuilt and put into service in 2010. All unnecessary equipment removed, and all remaining equipment and components were either rebuilt, replaced or upgraded.

What makes our Huey a plus, plus, plus is that every aspect of our helicopter has the best components and certified high performance upgrades available on the market today.


The First “ + ” is for the Engine.

The original 1400 horsepower engine has been replaced with the newer and more efficient 1800 horsepower engine. There are advantages at lower altitudes but when the aircraft operates in Hot and High environments the high performance aspects really come into play and the only power limitations that the flight crew is faced with is maximum transmission torque. The original T53-13 1400HP engine will max out the gas producer RPM or Exhaust Gas Temperature limits as the aircrafts exceeds approximately 5000 to 6000 ft pressure altitude but the T53-703 1800HP engine upgrade allows aircraft drive train to operate at full capacity up to 11,500 ft without running the engine at max power all the time.


The Second “ + ” is for the Rotor System and Transmission.

The original 205 parts were removed and upgraded with a BELL 212 main rotor system, transmission and lift link.

The Third “ + ” is for the Blades and Anti-Torque System.

The steel/aluminum main rotor blades were replaced with the lighter and more efficient composite technology blades which substantially increase lift performance and last 5 times as long. This is one of the main advantages of our aircraft as only restricted category utility ships are authorized to use these composite blades and due to the high expense of these blades, very few operators choose to use them. As you increase horsepower and create more lift with the main rotor system you need to increase the effectiveness of the anti-torque system (tail rotor) to positively control the aircraft yaw from left to right. Once again, the original steel/aluminum tail rotor blades were replaced with the lighter and more efficient composite technology blades and the BLR dual strake/fast fin system was installed which basically changes the aerodynamics around the tail boom area to enhance the effect of tail rotor thrust. In situations that used to require full tail rotor thrust to maintain directional control now only takes approx 40% of available thrust which allows the remaining power to be directed to the main rotor system thus creating a more powerful Heavy Lift or Heli-Tanker.


This combination of modifications all work together to create a very stable, powerful and predictable utility helicopter.


UH-1H+++ Specifications:


Below is a partial list of upgrades, many of which are to structurally enhance the aircraft strength in support of the above modifications.

  • Standard lift beam upgraded to heavy duty lift beam to accommodate the additional lifting force

  • Tail boom skin upgraded to thicker gauge aluminum skin for increased structural integrity.

  • BLR Dual strake kit for increase tail rotor authority

  • BLR fast fin for increase tail rotor authority
    Van horn composite tail rotor blades for increase tail rotor authority

  • BELL 212 42 degree gear box for increased reliability

  • Spar upgrade kit for increased structural integrity

  • AKV engine monitoring system for information tracking

  • Dual batteries for redundancy and cold weather starting

  • Wire Strike Protection Kit

  • Pulse Light visibility kit

  • Left seat full time pilot in command certification

  • Bubble door with custom top latch assembly for high speed

  • Onboard weight scale with door mounted digital read out

  • Additional instrumentation mounted in pilot door for external load work

  • ADC engine oil filter and early chip detection system

  • Dual adjustable cargo mirrors

  • 9 Pin aux hook wiring

  • Emergency pop out rear cabin windows

  • Extended height skid gear for rough terrain landing


Flight Deck and Avionics Upgrades:
  • Custom light weight, low profile instrument panel

  • Triple Garmin GPS systems

  • Real time weather and flight data service

  • Dual terrain system with audio alert warning

  • Synthetic flight vision (digitally recreates aircraft and approaching terrain)

  • Electronic AFD and Taxi navigation

  • CD/AM/FM/XM Radio

  • Technisonic digital VHF FM radio

  • UHF aux radio

  • Dual aircraft VHF radios

  • Air Comm. audio panel

  • Automated Flight Following system.

  • Aux FM radio input with rear cabin transmit system

  • 10 Person ICS system

  • Up graded gyros and instrumentation

  • Digital multimedia device with mapping software, position recognition and a large touch screen display


Our Heavy Lift helicopters can be converted to Heli-Tankers, Search and Rescue platforms and many other configurations in just a few hours by using the below equipment located at our main facility.

  • Era Aux fuel tank system increases flight durations to almost 5 hours and range to approx 500 miles.

  • Internal rescue hoist system with 300 feet of cable.

  • Emergency litter kit with dual collapsible stretchers

  • Full skid length snow ski’s

  • Bambi Tarantula 325 gallon fire suppression bucket with variable release control.

  • Isolair 327 gallon fire suppression belly tank system with hover refill pump and foam injection system.

  • 25/50/100/150/200/250/300 foot long lines

  • Standard remote hooks and Nubbins style remote hook.

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