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Agusta 119

Agusta 119 Koala

When HP considered expanding our fleet and services with a light helicopter, we carefully evaluated the common aircraft such as Bell 407's and Astar B3's and found that the Agusta AW119 was the best aircraft for our highly specialized missions.  We need to fly fast, fly far and have the power to fly at high altitudes with the largest payloads that a light helicopter can offer. 


The Agusta 119 is the fastest high-performance light helicopter on the market. This helicopter also has the best range with 5+ hours of fuel endurance, seats for 8 people and cruises at almost 175mph with the air conditioning on. While this helicopter is a bit more complex and expensive to operate than its competitors, we find the complexity alluring as the capabilities are unmatched. The proven and reliable PT6B-37A turbine engine produces over 1,000 horsepower and enables the helicopter to lift external loads weighing more than 2,700 pounds. 


Agusta 119
Specifications & Modifications

This multi-mission platform has the following equipment:

  • High Visibility Doors and Windows

  • Wire Strike Protection Kit

  • Dual Evaporator Air Conditioning

  • Bleed Air Heat

  • Inlet Barrier Filters

  • TDFM 136B Tactical FM Radios with Rear Cabin Transmit Capabilities

  • Rear Cabin Communication Box 

  • High Skid Gear with Carbide Embedded Shoes

  • Dual PA System

  • Executive and Utility Cabin Equipment

  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System

  • Synthetic Vision and Weather

  • Rotor Brake

  • Dual Cargo Hook

  • Pulse and High Visibility Tail Rotor Lighting 

Agusta 119 Koala Helicopter Services
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