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Utility Infrastructure

Regardless of your geographic area as a utility infrastructure helicopter service company, HP Helicopters has a creative and competitive cost structure to support your needs.  Flexible utility helicopter service is our standard.  Helicopters are agile, can carry heavy loads, and safely suspend utility workers over tall structures, especially in wooded or remote areas.  HP Helicopters specializes in utility infrastructure work and can accommodate one day projects and specializes in longer term utility helicopter projects such as:


  • Power Line Construction

  • Ultra-Precision Long Line Construction

  • Utility Pole Setting

  • Hydro Electric Generating Systems

  • Cellular/Repeater Tower Installation 

  • Utility pole setting and long line threading

  • Replace aging power lines

  • Overhead power lines and underground pipe infrastructure

  • Power line construction, cell tower placement, natural gas line construction

  • Setting poles and erecting towers, pulling sock lines, and finalizing conductors

  • Supply drops for utility crew members

Utility Helicopter Services
Infrastructure Helicopter Services
Utility Infrastructure Helicopter Services California
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