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Helicopter Logging

HP Helicopters is very proficient with high production helicopter logging and hazardous fuel reduction operations. Our aircraft have unique altitude capabilities that help keep our average turn weights up even in the hottest and highest environments. We utilize a high production 4 slot nubbins hook system and have hundreds of chokers that are designed for all types of wood extraction. We utilize short 20ft chokers for large wood and long 40 ft double bell chokers that allow us to daisy chain multiple loads together and choke large brush piles for extraction.

HP Helicopters can provide all PPE, two way radios and onsite training to allow for your crews to conduct all the ground and hooking operations to save you money.


Our mobile Helibases are fully self-sufficient with Sat TV, Internet and communications that keep our team connected in remote locations. Our bases can sustain the crew for weeks without the need for hotels, grocery stores or restaurants. The support rigs carry all critical helicopter spares such as gearboxes and servos along with all other items required to keep our aircraft online all the time.

Heli Mulch Aerial Services

Hazardous Fuel Reduction

  • Vegetation management in high fire-threat areas that meet state and federal fire safety standards.

  • Create safe space between power lines, trees and large limbs/branches.

  • Manage and conserve federal land and natural resources.

Helicopter Aerial Seeding

Emergency Frost Control

HP Helicopters is centrally located in some of the most productive agriculture areas in California. Our location and fast ferry times allow us to provide effective San Jacinto helicopter frost control, Imperial valley helicopter frost control and San Joaquin helicopter frost control. Our Bell medium helicopter is equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks that keep the aircraft airborne for over 4 hours. Unlike small frost control helicopters our bell medium weighs over 8000lbs when loaded full of fuel. The 1800 horsepower engine produces high heat and the 52 foot rotor diameter moves massive amounts of air for effective helicopter frost control. For comparison, small frost control helicopters weigh 3000lbs and have 400 horsepower engines which can make it tough to move enough air on large farms and when time is of the essence, bigger is better. If very large amounts of air need to be circulated quickly then consider our HP60 helicopters. Our HP60 utilize two large GE turbine engines and have a gross weight limit of 22,000 lbs. The HP60 Helicopter is a large and cost effective solution for moving and warming massive volumes of air in a short amount of time. All of our helicopters are equipped with excellent lighting, synthetic flight vision systems, weather radar and flight path grid tracking systems which allow for safe and productive flight grids to be flown on the darkest of nights. Our mobile heli bases are completely self sufficient to keep the crew onsite for the entire patrol contract without the need for off site lodging or fueling.

Offshore Vessel Resupply

Special Projects

We thrive on special requests for unique helicopter operations.  Pictured here is a fabricated $250,000 UFO that we flew adjacent to an art show that took place in the mountains at night. This “UFO” is covered in thousands of small lights that looked amazingly realistic when hanging 150 feet under a helicopter at night. We dimmed the aircraft navigation lights and flew the UFO low level through the canyons while a very surprised crowd was trying to figure out what they were seeing and if it was real.  Vertical reference long line operations can be very difficult at night when the sky is dark, and you are in the mountains.  These types of challenges motivate our team to think outside the norm and figure out how to realize your vision.

Helicopter Logging California

Heli Mulch

High Performance Helicopters specializes in the application of Wood Shred and Agricultural Straw for all types of erosion control projects.  Our company has been instrumental in many Burned Area Emergency Response “BAER” post fire stabilization projects that range from 50 to 10,000+ acres in size.


We can procure or manufacture erosion control products onsite for all types of applications.

Hazardous Fuel Reduction Helicopter Services

Aerial Seeding

Helicopter Aerial Seeding for post fire treatments, mine reclamation and habitat support is a fast and cost effective method to treat large areas and “kick start” the re growth process. Our crews have seeded thousands of acres utilizing our large Isolair broadcaster. We are able to load up to 3,400lbs of seed into our oversized high output material broadcaster in less than two minutes which allows for fast turn times and efficient operations.

We have a proven track record for accurately and consistently applying the proper pounds of PLS seed per treatment acre in many different regions of the western United States.

Helicopter Frost Control Services

Offshore Vessel Resupply

HP Helicopters delivers supplies directly to offshore vessels seamlessly and efficiently via aircraft instead of by boat.  The range, speed, exceptional maneuverability, safety, and payload of our fleet allows for cost effective delivery of supplies and equipment exactly when and where needed.


Our aircraft are equipped with all FAA required emergency flotation devices for increased safety.  The avionics and flight decks are outfitted for day and night VFR flight, allowing operations around the clock.  HP Helicopters offshore efforts include: 


  • Servicing large scale tankers and ships offshore that are unable to access our local ports.

  • Supporting offshore oil and gas industry with delivery directly to helidecks.

  • Inspection of offshore wind farms, support of ship operations, transportation of key equipment and supplies. 

  • Offshore development and exploration.

  • External heavy loads delivered directly onboard.

  • Increased productivity due to short timeline and inaccessiblility, even in rough seas.

Helicopter Special Projects Services
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