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We grew up in nature—in the mountains, the deserts and on the beaches of Southern California.  We explored the woods, rode motorcycles and ATVs, built our own cars, and worked in our family machine shops.  The thrill of going fast was invigorating.  We had a lot of freedom to figure things out on our own.  We love beautiful vehicles that serve a purpose.  We always looked to the sky. 


Once taken by the power of flight, we took our years of auto fabrication knowledge and applied it to making helicopters better, stronger and more capable than any others in their class.  We work with our hands and are artisans, fabricators and builders.  We hone our craft, building the ultimate equipment so we can count on it when needed most.


We are a tribe of pilots, firefighters, mechanics, off-road enthusiasts, parents, craftsmen and sages.  We love our families and our animals.  We forge friendships for life.  We are passionate about aviation and love what we get to do for a living.  We care deeply about people.  Hard work is satisfying and comes naturally to us.  Our trusted team is tight knit and dependable.  We train hard for every mission to be ready and prepared.  We leave our egos on the ground and take flight in some of the most challenging conditions.  Change is constant and no two days are the same.  We thrive in finding creative solutions to difficult problems.  We like to have a little fun and discover bold new adventures along the way. 


We take pride in trying to become the best we can be.  We build our customer base one well executed operation at a time, doing it to the best of our ability.  We stretch.  We learn more about our craft every day.  We grow.  We become better.  Our clients become friends and trusted partners.  Safety is first and foremost.  Tactical precision.  Extreme environments.  Seamless execution.  Grit.  Professionalism.  Integrity.   

 This is HP.  This is what we are all about.

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