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Aerial Firefighting Services

  • Fire Suppression

  • Type I/II Heli-Tankers

  • Long Line Bucket Operations

  • Cargo Delivery

High Performance Helicopters is an aerial firefighting company and prides itself in offering top-notch helicopter transport services with a clean history and expert team for all our clients.  Aerial lift and aerial firefighting services can be dangerous and high-stress situations.  In this case it is extremely important to not only work with an experienced aerial firefighting crew, but to also work with the finest aircraft for the job.  HP specializes in aerial firefighting services including:

  • Fire suppression and evacuation efforts.

  • Prescribed burning.

  • Flying cargo, supplies and equipment to the front lines.

  • Bambi bucket aerial water delivery.

  • Disaster relief, including food, water, and medical supplies for humanitarian aid operations.

Aerial Firefighting Helicopter Services
Aerial firefighting services company
Aerial firefighting California
Aerial firefighting Nevada
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