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Support Equipment

Aircraft support rigs are absolutely critical to running a successful operation. Many times, the importance of support equipment is overlooked, and many operators expect to work out of subpar trucks and trailers. At HP Helicopters our support vehicles were ordered new and specifically configured to perfectly support which ever operation they are assigned. Crew comfort is paramount when the team is expected to work long days away from home. High moral is a critical element to high production along with the proper tooling and parts inventory. The crew can typically save a few hours per day of traveling to and from the work site by staying in our remote helibase set ups. The hours saved translate to additional hours of rest and additional hours of production.

Fuel Trucks and Tankers

Helicopter Support Fuel Trucks and Tankers

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Units

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Units​

Crew Living Quarters

Helicopter Support Crew Living Quarters

Off-Road Support Vehicles

Helicopter Off-Road Support Vehicles
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