Air Crane Helicopter

An Air Crane Helicopter is essentially a crane that can fly. Regular cranes are used to lift heavy loads in construction, however there are certain places that normal cranes can’t go. Some places that don’t accommodate regular cranes are in remote areas such as mountains and hills or on top of really tall buildings. When the job needs to be done, companies use an Air Crane Helicopter to assist with lifting heavy loads and precisely placing them where they need to go. Working with a heavy lift helicopter is fast, economical, precise and safe. An Air Crane Helicopter can lift more than 100 items in a single day, which is extremely quick and efficient and can save a lot of money on labor. Heavy lift helicopters can lift just about anything such as trees, light poles, ski lift poles, concrete, steel, water tanks, septic tanks, cars and more. Aerial cranes can pretty much lift anything and precisely place it on any building or structure regardless of size, height or location. Not to mention that the process of working with a professional company that offers Helicopter Transport Services is extremely safe. High Performance Helicopters takes all the necessary steps to make sure that everything is always up to top safety standards. The 15,00 square foot facility that houses the fleet of heavy lift helicopters has everything the company needs. Professional and overqualified maintenance personnel keep track of the helicopters and keep them in perfect condition. When working in extreme environments, helicopters need to perform flawlessly and the flight crews need to be able to operate safely. This is also why the company ensures that all flight personnel regularly attend flight-training sessions to stay current on emergency procedures. Since opening in 2005, High Performance Helicopters prides itself on successfully operating with a clean record that shows no sign of aircraft related incidents or any other accidents.