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Heavy Lift Helicopters

High Performance Helicopters owes their success to experience.  The fleet of helicopters has successfully transported more than 46 million pounds of external cargo with no accidents, lawsuits, equipment damage and an overall clean history.  The outstanding Heavy Lift Helicopter Service offered by High Performance Helicopters begins with their commitment to safety and being the best they can be.  This includes operating the finest helicopters and employing highly qualified maintenance personnel to keep the fleet in perfect condition.  The company is very fond of the Bell 205+++ fleet, which was completely rebuilt in 2010.  All the unnecessary equipment was removed, and the remaining equipment was upgraded, replaced, or rebuilt.  This upgrade makes this particular aircraft the best on the market with an efficient 1800 _________________________.


Regardless of your needs, the crew and aircraft at High Performance Helicopter will deliver an unparalleled level of customer service.  Their clients range from small contractors to the federal government, and they work in areas all over the western United States.  The company prides itself on accomplishing missions in a timely and efficient manner without sacrificing the safety of the crew.  If you would like to learn more about the services offered by High Performance Helicopters, contact he team for more information. 

Heavy Lift Helicopter Services

Heavy Lift Helicopters

Heavy Lift Helicopter Company
Heavy Lift Helicopters
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