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Helicopter Crane Service

Helicopter Crane Service

High Performance Helicopters is a professional company that offers world-class service, a top-of-the-line fleet of helicopters, a well-trained flight crew, a wonderful maintenance personnel and a clean safety record. Large helicopters became commercially available after the Vietnam War when helicopter manufacturers focused on selling commercial versions of their military aircraft. Helicopters that are used to lift and transport heavy loads are known as aerial cranes or sky cranes.


A Helicopter Crane Service carries loads connected to long cables or slings in order to transport and place heavy equipment when other methods are not available or when the job must be accomplished in remote or inaccessible areas such as the tops of tall buildings or the top of a hill or mountain. Helicopters were first used as aerial cranes in the 1950s, but it was not until the 1960s when their use in construction and other industries began to catch on.


High Performance Helicopters provides Air Crane Helicopter services to a wide range of clients and for a variety of reasons including:


  • Assisting firefighters in putting out wildfires by transporting fire retardants and large quantities of water

  • Hauling lumber, concrete and other heavy materials for construction

  • Helping in animal control and relocation

  • Assisting forest conservation efforts

  • Remote area construction support

  • Aerial surveillance and photography

  • Emergency services

  • Search and rescue efforts

  • Movie and television participation

  • Transporting valuable and heavy sculptures

  • And more!


High Performance Helicopters has been in business since 2005 and has greatly grown and developed since its inception. The company operates out of a 15,000 square foot facility located in the southeast corner of Redlands Airport in Southern California.

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