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Helicopter Lifting Services

Helicopter Lifting Services

Helicopters are very versatile aerial transportation devices and are used for a wide range of activities and services depending on the capabilities of each individual model. Helicopters are used by:


  • News stations to report on live traffic and to follow breaking news stories

  • Military forces use high-tech helicopters for secret and dangerous government missions

  • Fire departments use helicopters to transport fire retardants and big quantities of water to help battle wildfires

  • Construction companies use helicopters to help with heavy lifting

  • Many other private and commercial companies employ Helicopter Lifting Services for a wide range of reasons and missions.

Helicopters used to lift heavy loads are referred to as aerial cranes or sky cranes. These machines are specifically built to be able to carry heavy loads, to maneuver through challenging terrain and to withstand extreme weather conditions. Flight crews who operate these machines are highly skilled, highly trained, and re-certified in safety procedures on a regular basis.


High Performance Helicopters is a full-service helicopter lifting service company has been in business since 2005 and boasts a professional fleet of heavy lift helicopters, Construction Helicopters and the top-of-the-line BELL 205 helicopter to meet the needs of their clients. The BELL 205 helicopter has a 4,000-pound lift capability of up to 11,500 feet (this may change with wind and temperature conditions) and is a wonderful machine that was recently redesigned, upgraded and rebuilt in 2010. The helicopter was stripped of all unnecessary equipment and the engine and rotor blades were upgraded. The new 1800 horsepower engine offers a better advantage at lower altitudes and in hot and high environments. The rotor blades were replaced with lighter and more efficient composite technology blades, which can substantially increase lift performance and last five times as long as the original steel and aluminum rotor blades.

Helicopter Lifting Services
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