Safety is much more than just what is said or documented. The HP Helicopters team has a real world approach on operating safely. As wildfires burn and production schedules apply pressure, team members consistently remind each other of the one most important accomplishment that must always be achieved: ensure everyone goes home at night.  This is accomplished while working through the day by identifying, minimizing, mitigating and monitoring risk in all operations.  Our 12+ years of operating helicopters without a mishap is a record we are very proud of and we are mindful that complacency due to the lack of incidents is at our peril.

HP Helicopters has had Zero:

  • accidents
  • workers’ compensation claims
  • aircraft damage
  • major injuries
  • contract defaults
  • lawsuits
  • FAA violations

since its inception in 2005.

Our ongoing training and safety management system (SMS) ensures that safety for the crew, equipment and project is ALWAYS our primary factor in decision making followed by customer satisfaction, economics, and production.

Our crew has completed extensive operational, maintenance and flight training, including:


  • Flying the Wires (Full course)
  • Utilities Aviation Specialists
  • Wildfire Aviation tactical training (Simulator, sand table and academics)
  • NAFA II – National Wildland Fire Training (National Aerial Firefighter Academy)
  • Congested area planning, Utility rigging and HEC courses
  • Flight Safety (Level D full motion simulator)
  • Aviation training consultants – Aviation Training Consulting, LLC in Oklahoma
  • Western Operations advance helicopter training with 2016 helicopter lifetime achievement award winner Bob Spencer – Western Helicopters
  • Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) - FAA
  • Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (Offshore Survival) - Marine Survival Training Center
  • Utility Pipeline/Powerline Operations Part 1 & Crew Resource Management Seminar - Utilities Aviation Specialists