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Helicopter Maintenance Magazine: How to Have High Performance Helicopters - Safely

If you are a child of the 60’s you were a part of the paradigm shift in societal norms of the 20th century.And if you were lucky enough, like yours truly, to have experienced the 60’s in California you lived the stuff of “California Dream’n”: The Surf’n, Drag Race’n and hot rodd’n. as well as the general good-natured mischief of my generation. And regarding “hot rodd’n” I’m talking the '62 version of hot rodding and fast cars, which was fixated on drag racing, (Street and Sanctioned Strip) with cars built via your resourcefulness and ingenuity in your home garage without a local shop or parts catalog to help.Trust me this took more creativity than money…and was a lot of fun.This was when men like Bob Bauder thrived.If you don’t recognize the name, I am not surprised. Read full article here

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